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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Battlefield 3 : Strike at Karkand DLC Trailer. Cant wait.

Why is everyone calling it a map pack? Isn't it an expansion pack? (10 new weapons and 3 new vehicles aswell as the maps).

Anyway, this'll be a great christmas present from DICE :) Pre-ordered it so I'll get it for free

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pezus said:
NotStan said:
No it's a name for a map pack "Strike at karkand" it has several maps - which feature desert environments that were present in BF2 - Gulf of Oman and Strike At Karkand, and some other ones I forgot, but I believe they're remastered BF2 maps.

What bothers me greatly is that BFBC2 map packs were free of charge provided you had the VIP pass, whereas now they're going to start charging - similar to COD, kinda sucks. At least this one is free as I got the LE.

The map pack is actually called "Back to Karkand" and this trailer only shows one of the maps, Strike at Karkand

Yeah got it mixed up, it's Back to Karkand with the MAP called Strike at Karkand, was just clarifying that there is actually MORE than one map in the whole DLC.

Disconnect and self destruct, one bullet a time.

4 maps, 10 weapons, 2 vehicles and one new game mode

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