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Forums - Sales Discussion - WW UP 12th of November

amaral_slb said:

So let me see if I understand correctly, PS3 is up 10k, and the 360 is down 18k YOY, and the comments we see is "360 will dominate the Holidays", hahahhaha.

Every time since the price drop, we see PS3 dominate, and all of a sudden, the "reality checkers" (as they like to call themselves) come in and say, that it doesn´t matter because it is down/flat YOY. Now all of sudden YOY don´t mean nothing for a console that is out for so long as the 360, and it actually means it will dominate.

On topic: Those are some huge numbers for the 360 as expected. People acting like they are huge unexpected numbers need to stop with the agendas. Just say it like it is, they are huge, but they are expected, based on all kinds of promotions, but most importantly, based on how huge the software releases were and how they preference the 360

Those are some good numbers for the PS3, expected, maybe people were expecting bigger ups for both the releases of U3 and MW3, but, people have to realise that for one, the U3 bundle will have the same effect the price drop had, it is not huge first week, but over time, it will be a very noticeable increase. And MW3 should have a bigger FW impact, but, fact of the matter is, from what I can tell, there is no MW3 bundled with PS3, and the people that want to play it, already have one most probably. You can´t compare it to the 360 jump, simply because there is a custom made console for it and all the advertisement is on the 360 version, so evidently, the rise will be bigger, as they have been, I mean look at last year....

Wii, disappointing, for the simple fact that being that cheap, I thought consumers would jump into that quickly, even without a lot of software, they are rising, but not as quick. I still think they can take December.

3ds just waiting to explode

Ds still in there strong

PSP just surviving and making Sony money

PS2 just a monster 50k in it´s 6969696969696969th week on the market

Next coming weeks...... HUGE

THIS, I couldn´t said better, I mean just look at the numbers Only Americas make The Difference for the 360, more than the half of this week sales for the 360 came from The Americas, 360 is DEAD in Japan, in EMEAA is doing Ok, Like so many I will wait for the adjustments.

And also in so many Countries MW3 was advertising just as a 360 Title.

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NeoRatt said:
This year, Sony have had a tonne of core exclusives and a price drop without Microsoft really doing anything other then the normal exclusives and they can't beat 360 consistently on a week-to-week basis.

In the core genre's of RPGs and Shooters 360 is dominating. Also on the casual side 360 is doing well. Kinect is still in the top 50 and Lego Harry Potter on 360 outsold even the Wii version.

Sony consistently has to have some concerns. Move is dead. A price drop wasn't enough to hold #1 in sales through the holidays. Also, Uncharted 3 is ok, but it should be exceptional in sales.

Think what you want about Microsoft, but they are outmaneuvering Sony on the marketing front every step of the way this generation.

The holidays are over?   damn, i must have slept through Christmas already! I could have sworn it was mid Nov with a 1.5 million yearly sales gap between PS3 and 360.

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dsage01 said:
shanbcn said:
pezus said:
shanbcn said:

We know from many charts and figures we get from EMEEA countries that PS3 versions of multiplat sell atleast 75% compared to 360 ones. But here we have MW3 for PS3 1.3m and for 360 1m. So 360 version sold 43.5% in other countries? This is what sales should have been if tracked properly and taking in to account the overall differences in EMEEA. Soon we will start getting figures from other countries starting from next week but i dont think VGZ will change anything by then.

PS3 MW3 2.55m
360 MW3 1.75m

This is taking into account that both versions sold 4.3m in others.

So with this WW sales should be

360 MW3 6.35m
PS3 MW3 5.1m

So around about 44% share for PS3 WW.

And now loot at last year sale of Blops in couple of countries like France and Spain.

France 1st week PS3 share 70% and getting bigger by year end.

390k vs 170k.

Spain 375k sales till the end of 2010 and PS3 share 82% 310k.

These are official figures from Charttrack.

So i just want to know how this time around 360 version got 43% in those countries.

Agreed. Seems strange, to be sure

One thing is for sure 360 version of MW3 didnt sell anywhere near 43% in EMEEA countries (excluding UK), at best 30%.

The whole COD series looks undertracked to me on (PS3) and a bit overtracked on the 360 due to EMEAA sales being so close. MW3 dominated on PS3 in so many big European countries. 

No doubt about it, its not like we dont get the numbers at all. The Europe charts from Nintendo hardly ever show any 360 games on it, and that chart doesnt even include other countries in which PS3 install base is over 2-3 times bigger then Xbox360.

Pokemonbrawlvg said:
Wii almost about to hit 90 million, DS about to reach 150 million, and 3DS above 7 million and still strong. I see a great future for Nintendo.

Happy Birthday, Wii!!!

Great post.

Go Nintendo.

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Next week Halo anniversary boost (ugh).

 Go Team Venture! I still don't get the Wii, PS Move,  and Kinect.

360 sales are great, but Kinect sales are not going to be anywhere near 2010 holiday levels. New Kinect software is also not faring that well. It looks like Dance Central 2 fell out of the top 50, and Kinect Sports 2 is selling slow too. Just Dance 3 Kinect didn't even make a dent. Kinect buzz won't be high enough if the new software isn't exciting consumers.


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Great 3ds, DS and wii sells... Mario 3d land boost + black friday should give the 3ds it first 500k week after launch... DS still holding strong, amazing sells for an amazing system. Wii doing some good numbers too, waiting to see the black friday effect on it.


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Happy for Skyrim's sales obviously (my original optimistic prediction was 2 million first week).

X360 surprisingly good sales. I don't understand how it can outsell the PS3.

Fablle 3 selling almost 100K, please tell me that's because of bundles.