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crissindahouse said:
goforgold said:
sega4life said:
Said it before and again:

Xbox 360 + No Price Cut + Six Years Old + Half a Million Sales + Before Black Friday = AMAZING!

you know I've never understood this "no price cut" stuff

when the ps3 outsold the 360 being  $100-200 more, that's a impressive sales considering the price difference

but the 360 is currently one of, if not the least expensive console on the market and have been so since 2008, and has been at the mass market price point longer than any console this gen, ps3 JUST went below 300 dollars and it still isn't 199, but the 360 has been there since 08 and that's was *counts on fingers* 3 years ago (when the cheapest ps3 was $400)

but there are people who use theri brain sometimes like me who don't think like "oh the console costs $100 less it's so much cheaper". they think like "hmm okay it costs $100 less but what will i have to pay for the next years" because i don't care only about the price of the first buy. and then i calculate it with xbox live for example. and then the 360 isn't cheaper not to talk about the blu-ray player of the ps3 which is great because you know most people have a hd tv nowadays but most still don't have a hd player.

just saying... i know not many think like that but the people who think like me know the 360 isn't cheaper and if they wish to play cheap they don't think "ohh 360 above all". and yes i know not everybody will pay for xbox live but there are people wh will and calculate like me.