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Should Nintendo remake their Wii games in HD for WiiU?

Yes 86 45.99%
No 83 44.39%
results 18 9.63%
Play4Fun said:

What's wrong with you people?

f*n awesome gif!

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Khuutra said:
I'll take widescreen HD versions of Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword as preorder bonuses for the Wii U Zelda.

Same goes for the Metroid Prime Trilogy as a bonus for Wii U Metroid, and ditto the Gamecube/Wii Marios.

Oh man, you had me instantly with widescreen HD Wind Waker...

Wind waker HD?

Already on PC.

Nintendo should make a automatic upscale feature for all GC games.

PSwii60 said:
I don't think they should remake anything. I already think they're doing too much revamping of some old titles as it is instead of actually developing (or even publishing) more games

That's a really silly way of looking at things. Obviously Nintendo can easily remake classic games AND make new ones as well. It is not remakes take up development resources either since usually remake dev streams are handled by new teams or outsourced teams: IE. Square Enix hired Matrix to re-make old Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games, and Nintendo formed Grezzo with former Secret of Mana people to make games such as Ocarina of Time 3D - this has 0 effect on the development status of any other new Nintendo projects - and as a result, we get classics brought to life again.

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they are going to have lots of games, and they will backward its good either way

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I still don't see why it doesn't upscale Wii games as it is, unless they're doing what Sony did with the early PS3 and just jamming Hollywood and Broadway in there and not emulating at all, but you have to figure that if 360 can emulate Xbox (albeit piecemeal), Wii U with much better raw numbers and a whole generation's worth of computational advancements can certainly soft-emulate Wii

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h2o1977 said:
they are going to have lots of games, and they will backward its good either way

Didnt Nintendo say that the Wii-U wont have any backwards compatiabilty with GCN games?


But in terms of Wii games, backwards compatiabilty = issue resolved.


But you can say goodbye to backwards compatiabilty to GCN games but hello to HD remakes!


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I'd be happy if they just let the system upscale them to 1080p and apply a little filtering to smooth out the jaggies. I don't really want to re-buy any games I already own :)

I personally doesn't want that. Look what people thinking of 3DS in its early lifecycle. It's better if they push more game that is designed for WiiU.

Kyuubi Ricky SSJ2 said:
They should allow the Wii U to upscale old Wii games to 1080p. I've seen some Wii games in high resolution, Mario Galaxy is good enough to be a 360 game.

Yup, I agree on this one.....

Pavolink said:
camaro52391 said:
i buy nintendo games because i know i am going to get a quality game, not because of hd graphics. you can't complain about smash bros, or mario galaxy

SSB is fighting the same old shit and SMG is jumping the same shit since the beggining of Nintendo. The same old shit since 25 years ago.

See? Anybody can complain abut SSB and SMG.

And I ll buy this shit over and over again.... actually i have just bought Mario Galaxy select edition just because has a different cover so i will keep it sealed in my collection!