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Forums - Sales Discussion - October NPD 2011 Thread - 360 393k, 3DS >250k, Wii 250k, PS3 250k, DS ~180k.


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The_Joker_Product said:
10 hours? then why did you post it now, you couldnt have waited till there was an hour or two to go?

Apart from what others have told you, you have to take into account that there are people from all over the world here and therefore having a long time allows people in different time zones to be able to post and check the VGC data.

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Will be interesting to see what the 3DS did. Hopefully it won't be overtracked again.

Really hope that ps3 won't be Overtracked. Xbox360 will probably about Vgchartz numbers. Official Playstation Vita Thread! Come in and join!!!


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- 360 undertracked by 20k
- Wii overtracked by 30k
- PS3 undertracked by 10k
- DS undertracked by 20k
- 3DS spot on

^^^ Looks like I was about right ^_^

My bad.

RolStoppable said:
Considering the circumstances, Nintendo's results are okay. Although their press release suggests that they got pretty much slaughtered in the software charts for October.

Not really surprising, JD3 will probably be the only game in the top 10 on a Nintendo platform.  (well depending on if you want to count the fact that the sports games get released on everything under the sun).  Also they sound awfully conservative when the say "Both of these numbers should increase".  It would certainly be a terrible month if their hardware and software YTDs decreased with the release of Zelda.  Also if my math is right (and VGC numbers are comprehensive), that means about 18.4% of Wii and DS software has been bundled.  Which means on average every single Wii and DS system was sold with 1.4 bundled games.  I wonder how the other systems compare.

So, little overtracking of the Wii, but definitely nothing crazy and may not even be enough to warrant adjustments. The DS definitely needs to be adjusted up by ~50-60K. Spot on with 3DS. Overall, VGC was pretty accurate for Nintendo.