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Forums - Movies & TV - Marvel needs to reboot the X-Men movie series.. pronto, is just pathetic compared to recent Marvel movies.

X-Men needs a Reboot


Marvel's most recent super hero outings have just been fantastic, so fanrastic that Marvels starter series: the orinal trilogy and X-Men look like B class movies.

Though I hate reboots, SONY and Marvels choice to reboot spiderman and portray him closer to comics books is great choice and just from that one trailer its gonna be awesome.

I am happy maguire  is no longer spiderman he is a terrible peter parker and a terrible actor in general

I am happy that cristen dunst is no longer draggin MJ through the mud, she is not attractive and a terrible actor

The list goes on Spidey reboot will cure everything wrong about the old B class trilogy,

like eating cake and dancing around the kitchen like idiots sceens


but isnt ablout spidey.


this is about X-Men and my weekend of rewatcjing all of them.. and gawd are they bad:


1. They should of just called the movies            WOLVERINE :   and friends,  its xxactly what these movies feel like the little screen time that evry other X-Men gets is embarrassing  Cyclops is the fuckin leader for cryin out loud. How much can you honestly learn about any of the other chracters outside of Logan?

Reboot cure -  reduce the amout Xmen present in the movie, for the reboot they should  focus on a smaller team of X-Men, hell do the original 5 X-men: Cyclops, Marvel girl, Beast, Iceman, and Angel.. *gasp* no wolverine!? That is the point ..wolverine has gotten to much screen time  and they are even talkin about making Wolverine a series.. so you want wolverine go watch that but lets let X-men be about X-Men


2) recast everybody with better portrayals of said character. - X-Men was hit: logan and Prof X, saber tooth, mystique. Miss: everbody else

Magneto looks pathetically whimpy compared to this



instead of father time playing Magneto why not get somebody alittle younger and in shape to play him?

the guy who played Norman osborne would be perfect for Magneto.

dont even get me started on rouge, and Storm..... there portrayals were piss poor


3) They need to make a overarching storyline for the whole series and stick to it xxample: according to rumors Kingpin will be the main series villian for teh Amazing Spiderman trilogy where he plays a similiar role to the 90's cartoon..hire/creating  super villians to kill spiderman..its help for a more fluid cohesive storyline..unlike the mess that is xmen.trying to fit to many mutants in while only really focusing one and just all over the place with the storyline..X3 was bad very very very very bad.


                                                                                                                                                       NUMBER 1 BIGGEST FIX

put them in their damn costumes


It is entirely dissapointing to watch spiderman, ironman, hulk, Captain America, and Thor and even Daredevil(which also needs a reboot) where there costumes and go watch Xmen dress up as so biker boyband and have the xxcuse " we didnt want them looking like power rangers"  X-Men has some of  the  most worn costumesin marvel history



u get the point... they need to be in costume in next xmen.. they can still do all black mathing thing..just make sure there in costume. Costumes are what define each history 1st and formost and where not in costume its just boring.. imagine all the spider comics and replace spiderman with peter costume..just a absurd thought.





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I want an actual end of world movie , like they had on the fox Cartoon show in the 90's! Wolverine with a grey beard, other X-men dead, sentinels, etc. Or even the apocalpse story line would be cool as well! But I think the end of world sentinel one would be easier and cheaper! Forget other story lines that now one knows about, that was what kids grew up on. Those end of world eps. on every once in a while on Saturday morning!

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i actually liked the original trigoly , after the dark knight i think they are the best comics adaptations ever. i only liked the dark knight because ledger's great performance .

Wasn't X-Men First Class a reboot?

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Tayne said:
Wasn't X-Men First Class a reboot?

Prequel I think.

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Tayne said:
Wasn't X-Men First Class a reboot?

No its a prequel that only served to futher damage the X-Men movies series.. Havok Cyclops dad instead of brother, emma frost appearance means she would have to be old in X-Men trilogy timeline... many otheres.

Im personally tired of Marvel movies.

First Class was the best Superhero movie this year.

The_Joker_Product said:
First Class was the best Superhero movie this year.

First Class is one of the best SH movies ever.

Mordred11 said:
The_Joker_Product said:
First Class was the best Superhero movie this year.

First Class is one of the best SH movies ever.

Yeah in recent years id only put The Dark Knight and Iron Man above it.