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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Batman Arkham City is awesome!!

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The game is already for sale even in my country!!
Too bad it costs U$S 100. I'm broke and I have too many games to play. If I go out to buy it tomorrow my wifey is going to hang me from upside down from my balls...
Now that I think about it, I'll look just like Batman!!

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....that really sucks man.

Do games normally cost that much in Argentina?  And here I thought Australia had it bad.....

I have bought it today. This is a very good month for me. I bought Rage and played through it (I loved it) and now, Arkham City. Just an hour and a half in it so far, but it is much, much bigger than Asylum in every way. The graphics are outstanding! The gameplay is as good as ever and their is much more to do. In fact, I feel overwhelmed by it all.

Just for fun, my four games of the year so far: Dead Space 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Rage and Arkham City. Pretty sure Uncharted 3 and Skyrim will be in there soon.

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I played about 2 - 3 hours of it, and I'm loving it so far. Gliding/grappling through the city feels cool; AA didn't give you a lot of room to glide. It feels restricted compared to AC. I also like that it has side-missions now (like an ordinary sandbox game), and there's one in particular that I really enjoy because it fleshes the character very well.

Also, I find Harley Quinn hot :3

d21lewis said:
enrageorange said:
I will get it when a few other games I want come out so I can take advantage of a buy 2 get 1 free deal stores will have throughout the holiday.
Getting Skyrim, batman arkham city, and Ratchet and Clank if its not in the bargain bins by then. If it is then I really don't know what else to get. Only other game that interests me is halo combat evolved and I don't currently have an xbox. Maybe dark souls or Professor Layton.

I am so glad that I read this post.  I totally forgot about the ton of buy 2 get 1 deals that come out towards the end of every year.  There's a few games that I want and fully planned to pay full price, too.  Thanks for the reminder.

Toys R Us has that deal going on. It lasts until Saturday.

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^^I'm off on Friday!

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So you have it! Are you blowing through it or is it actually kind of hard?

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Once I beat Dues Ex I'll buy Batman:AC. Very excited to get this game.

spurgeonryan said:
So you have it! Are you blowing through it or is it actually kind of hard?

It's been pretty easy so far. I only had trouble with one fight, and that was with armed enemies during a side mission.