Forums - Nintendo Discussion - So G4 Isn't Exactly Excited for Skyward Sword :P

morenoingrato said:
Wagram said:

How did Uncharted even make it into this thread? This is about Zelda.

Edit: Just watched the video. I see why Uncharted made a presence in this thread. Don't really understand why G4 compared the two. This is one example of my opinion in the other thread that SS will be generally less well received critically then previous Zelda games.

Not really, the more expectations, there more chances a game gets lower reviews.

Twilight Princess had HUGE HUGE HUGE hype around it, and critically-wise it delivered (and IMO, one of my favorite games of all time, far better than Ocariverrated of Time), while this one, after the awful unveil, has less hype, so Nintendo has the big chance of surprising and delivering.

Yep hype sucks. Reality says though that this should blow people away.