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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What game do you wish there was a sequel for?

I see a lot of great names on the posts here! Some more games that I have noticed while looking at my collection...

A proper sequel to Alundra (or maybe one to Dual Hearts, which I consider a spiritual successor to Alundra)
A proper sequel to Brave Fencer Musashi
3D Dot Game Heroes 2
Just Cause 3
Mercenaries 3
Billy Hatcher 2
Cannon Spike 2
A new Jumping Flash
A new .hack series
New Champions of Norrath
Dark Cloud 3
New Jak & Daxter
New Klonoa game
Rogue Galaxy 2
New Shadow Hearts game
Warriors Orochi 3

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MIRRORS EDGE! Hopefully Dice will work on it after Battlefield 3 using the frostbite 2 engine. I'd want it to be one of the last great games on current gen. And then the next battlefield can be made for next gen :p

Battlefront 2. D:

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Eternal Darkness. There is SO much more they could have done with the story/sanity meter/magic system, etc. Such a shame..

cliffhanger said:
Maynard_Tool said:
nemo: The Dream Master

omg, this!

We can dream.... only dream :(

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Vagrant Story and Alan Wake

Kid Chameleon

Carl2291 said:
Maynard_Tool said:
nemo: The Dream Master
Pokemon Snap

Pokemon Snap for WiiU would be perfect. If someone working at Nintendo has a brain... This will be released.

Yup, it will be the perfect game, if done right. We know what we want, that's why we pictured it easily, problem is companies don't.... . There should be something where we could give ideas to the developers/companies about our expectations; so much potential in my [our] brains

XENOGEARS!!! Shadow of Destiny
Legend of Dragoon
Wild Arms Arc the LadZone of the EndersStar OceanGrandia

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Lost Odyssey 2