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Forums - General Discussion - Jeremy clarkson for Primeminister

I'm sure if you live in England you have heard of this.

I thought it would be fun to do a post about this and have you guys discuss it.

This is the petition to make him PM , I signed it and think its a great idea.

would he be a good PM? discuss


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Apart from the fact that he is an absolute idiot.

No, he is an arsehole.

JC? he rocks

done, while he would not a particularly good job, it would certainly be entertaining.

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Im not a UK Citizen but I completely agree with clarkson being leader.
screw renewable energy.Fossil Fuels FTW.

You know what is kinda sad.

When we start talking about US politics, nearly everyone on this board, regardless of nationality, knows the main players and has some opinion.

When we start talking about some other countries politics. Only the people from that country or maybe its direct neighbors know.

Actually, the US visitors, like me, only know our politics.

Anyway, who for wha??? :)

It would be entertaining, the speed limit will be 150MPH and we will have to drive bugatti veyrons

I don't know anything about this guy, but I'm interested. Anyone want to inform me of his main points of policy and such? Normally I'd go find out stuff myself, but you clearly look like you want to tell people about him. =P


Not really, I know that Gordon Brown is the British prime minister who is opposed by David Cameron. Tony Blair is the ex. prime minister who had a long and largely successful tenure of which the low point is the Iraqi war and the high point is his part in the solution of the entire Irish problem.
The head of state is Queen Elizabeth whos role is largely ceremonial although she does have certain powers that she never uses. The two main parties in British politics are the Conservatives (Tories) and the Labour party.

I'm from New Zealand btw.