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What Is The Best Racing Franchise Of All-Time...

Need For Speed 18 8.45%
Burnout 5 2.35%
Dirt 3 1.41%
Midnight Club 0 0.00%
Forza 19 8.92%
Gran Tursimo 97 45.54%
Motorstorm 0 0.00%
Test Drive Unlimted 0 0.00%
Mario Kart 71 33.33%

The racing game I have the most fun with is Dirt but NFS is a close second.

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F-Zero beats all of them.

On that list, I'd say Mario Kart or Burnout...

Need for Speed Underground games only.


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i don't get how games like mario kart qualify for this list as they aren't straight up racing but regardless i'd have to go with gt

nfs its consitent and has great quality.

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Gran Turismo, although I will say GT5 was kinda disappointing, so Forza is slowly creeping up on GT.

Mario Kart is cool but its hard to compare to a racing sim. Same with NFS.

And off topic but FUCK EA and NFS The Run for blocking Porsche from Forza 4. I hope nobody buys your stupid game and it gets terrible reviews.

Excite Truck!!!! yeh i went there

adsl said:
Top Gear, it's a pity that there aren't old school arcade racing games in development anymore.

Second this. Man i miss Top Gear.

Need for Speed is pretty fantastic, though I'll admit to loving Burnout and Blur over the last couple of years.

Bet with Conegamer and AussieGecko that the PS3 will have more exclusives in 2011 than the Wii or 360... or something.

Excellent, I exactly predicted the results. The majority would vote for GT5 because this site is mostly Sony fans, MK would have the vast majority of the remainder because it was the only game in its (sub)genre up on that list. All the rest would have negligible votes because they are all too similar.

For fairness, you need to add:
More 'kart racers' modnation, diddy kong, that sort of thing
lots of arcade racers - F-zero, Riiiiiiidge racer
1 or two more games along the lines of dakar