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Forums - Movies Discussion - Which movie had the most disappointing domestic box office run of Summer 2011?


Which movie had the most disappointing domestic performance?

Cars 2 3 3.80%
Pirates of the Caribbean 4 2 2.53%
Kung Fu Panda 2 2 2.53%
Green Lantern 29 36.71%
Cowboys and Aliens 9 11.39%
Conan the Barbarian 32 40.51%
Final Destination 5 0 0%
Mr. Popper's Penguins 0 0%
Zookeeper 0 0%
Other 2 2.53%

I want a Willow remake dammit!!!!

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oni-link said:
I want a Willow remake dammit!!!!

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I looked at the list and to be honest I could not see any dissappointments boxoffice wise, they all got what they deserved, maybe with the exception of cowboys and aliens which I kinda enjoyed, at least it wasn't the boring suckfest of bad acting and bad script that was Conan.

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And they will all bomb. The only type of movies that should be remade are those that sucked, but had potential (for example Ben-Hur, the famous version with Charleton Heston, is actually the second remake of a movie that originally bombed). If a movie is already massively succesful, and considered a classic (like Gone with the Wind, which is universally acclaimed by critics, and actually has the highest cinemat attendance ever, the most watched telecast ever etc.) then a remake of it (which will no doubt be inferior in every way) will bomb hard.

Iconic movies shouldn't be remade!!!

I agree.I'm still waiting for Warner Bros. to remake Matrix 2&3

I'm still holding out for George Lucas to remake Episodes 1-3 lol.

Please no!

If he does it we may end with a movie without actors, only CGI... imagine how many Jar Jar Binks would be there! **shivers**

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Conan and Sucker Punch.

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I'd say Cowboys and Aliens, just due to the star power and hot director. Did anybody really think Conan would make money? And people had been down on GL since Comiccon 2010.

The only one I expected not to fail was Pirates. It didn't bomb persay but it DEFINITELY underwhelmed.

I knew Green Lantern would disappoint 100%; making their heavy ad campaign a waste of cash. I also felt Zookeeper was promoted too early before release.

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conan, i knew as soon as i saw the 1st trailer for it, that it would bomb hard. jurassic park ( potentialy going to be remade,spielberg isnt sure if the next one is going to be part 4 or a reboot),back to the future,dirty dancing,jaws,the thing,hellraiser,the last starfighter ( might get remade too, if that happens i will kick universal studios a$$ all over this damn planet ) and the list goes on and on.





Why would Cars 2 be dissapointing when it did well for such an awful movie? It didn't deserve a penny

Conan for sure, as I actually enjoyed that film, if you wanted to watch Conan the barbarian, it was perfect, I'm surprised to see it do so badly :/