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Forums - Movies Discussion - If the TRANSFORMERS Franchise Is REBOOTED Who Do You Wanna See DIRECT/MAKE The FIlms?


I want to se the following person DIRECT/MAKE it:

George Lucas (THE GREATEST SAGA OF ALL!!!!) 6 10.71%
Steven Spieldberg (Too many to name) 2 3.57%
James Cameron (Terminator... 9 16.07%
Christopher Nolan (Se7en,... 18 32.14%
Sam Raimi (Of Spider-Man Fame) 1 1.79%
Martin Scorsese (Shutter ... 0 0%
Ridley Scott (Bladerunner... 8 14.29%
The Wachowski Bro's (Matrix) 2 3.57%
Guillermo Del Toro (Hellb... 4 7.14%
Hideo Kojima 6 10.71%
xinstantnoodlez said:

Thats not even a 10 point difference, David Fincher has a few bumps in his career nobody can deny that, but his best works are right up there with anything Nolan ever put out, they're both great directors get over it. 

Wait a second here...When did I say that Fincher isn't a great director?He's brilliant actually!I really loved The Social Network,but my 2 most favourite movies of all time are Nolan's(Inception,and TKD respectively).Many consider Inception to be the best movie ever,and almost everyone would agree with when I say that TKD is the best comic-book hero movie ever made.

David Fincher is excellent,but Nolan has been having a flawless run up untill now.

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Wow, this Nolan worship bugs me to no end. It's making me resent him more than I should and I really wish people would just ease up with it. The man can't direct an action sequence to save his life, so why give him something like Transformers? Especially considering the caliber of directors on the list that have been proven to handle action AND storytelling together quite well (especially Cameron and Spielberg).

Anyway, IF the series does get another director, I'm prett convinced it wouldn't be anyone on this list. It'd probably be some young, hot and CHEAP director. Basically what they're doing with the GIJoe sequel ...

For the type of movie a Transformers movie would be Micheal Bay does a perfect job. Anything but what we have wouldn't be Transformers.

The spiritual crap in ROTF was lame as were some characters but Micheal Bay does not write them so why does he get the blame?


Micheal bay did write the second.

man I really don't understand all the nolan love.