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The folks at Turn 10 have promised that Forza 4 will have “unmatched visuals” and to redefine the racing sim genre once again when the game arrives this November.  How Forza 4 stack up against its biggest competitor GT5 in term of visuals? The comparison below show the improvements Forza 4 have over its predecessor and competitors.

Sorry guys I cant seem to be able to post the vid to go along with it if someone could do that for me that be cool.

Anyway looks really good.


















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  This will not go well for anyone...

-edit removed vids- beaten by the bastard daughter...


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They are so close it doesn't matter.

Anyway from what I've seen of Forza 4 so far, I think it may be the more enjoyable experience.

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Ah... too bad. You couldn't Diglett.

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And so it begins!

I think this was a given since Forza backgrounds are 3d and not desktop images

I'm beginning to think that Gran Turismo 5 is the most discussed topic of vgchartz.

I will see the videos soon... after go back from one day trip .

Wow it looks really really good. Probably just turned into a day 1 buy for me. I still want to see a little more though.

Btw, Racing gameplay starts around 4:40 on the E3 2011 IGN Gameplay Demo video

Tagging for when I get to my pc later.