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Forums - Sony Discussion - Official Playstation Vita Thread! The Last Stand - Ys VIII, Mary Skelter, Yomawari Midnight Shadows, Persona 3&5 Dancing, Atelier Lidy & Soeur, DanganRonpa V3, Demon Gaze II & MORE!


How many vita games do you have in your library?

0-10 184 31.51%
11-20 109 18.66%
21-30 69 11.82%
30+ 215 36.82%
BlowoverKing said:
New Little King's Story is a game i still need to pick up, I've been wanting to try it for years but never bothered ordering an EU copy.

Should probably get on that sooner rather than later, second-hand copies are going for like £40+ now

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This week, I've written about Vita as a portable Neo Geo. Because why not!

I have three more Vita reviews - Dokuro (didn't really like):

Level 22 (really quirky and fun, although quite short):

And Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath (one of the best games I've ever played on Vita):

All bad news for Vita lately. This was exclusive in Japan haha. Still, a couple of pieces of better news:

Also, I finished a couple of new reviews. Mecho Wars is a gigantic mess:

And Soul Sacrifice Delta is absolutely glorious:

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Seems like Bard's Tale on Vita got patched. Gasp.

Finished a new article questioning what the final Vita game will be:

Also a couple of reviews - Air Race Speed (very enjoyable, if a bit short):

And Armored Core (PS1 - not great, quite obtuse):

Few new reviews up on my site - Uppers (Vita imported), lots of fun but a bit shallow, still worth checking out though:

Call of Duty: Roads to Victory (PSP) - only available through a download voucher in NA copies of Black Ops Declassified. It's miles ebtter than that game though!

And Hogs of War (PS1). A true classic and hilarious to this day:

Also, wrote an article about Disney games on PlayStation handhelds, there's quite a few good ones!

Heard the bad news fam? 13 Sentinels for Vita is cancelled :(

In other news that does nothing to soften the blow, but still:

Put a good few reviews up on my site these past few days:

Burly Men at Sea - not for me, narrative adventure with very little interactivity which is over too quickly:

Kick & Fennick - smartly made 2D platformer but grows very repetitive very quickly:

Phineas & Ferb: Day of Doofensmirtz - simplistic Ratchet & Clank clone that can be a decent bit of fun:

WipEout Pure (PSP) - loads of fun, even better if you grab the free DLC online:

Also, wrote a piece about Vita sales success stories. People seemed to really like it!:

Since the PS1 Classic is coming out tomorrow, it's gotten me in the mood for revisiting PS1 Classics on Vita. Tbh PS1 Classics is one of the reasons I ended up buying my Vita in the first place so it's really nice to be able to replay them on the go. First I played Battle Arena Toshinden, which I had to buy from Japanese PSN - but the game was fully in English to my surprise:

Then over the past few weeks I've been replaying Wild ARMs. I've played the 3rd, 4th and 5th entries but never the first - can see why it spawned a series now, lovely game that I really enjoyed:

Probably gonna dig into a few others over the holiday period too.