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Forums - Sales Discussion - First day sales in Japan (4/12)

Dunno if they are ports...but 3 games from the same camp in under 2 years is quite some feat.  Must be good though if they are selling 160k in the first day alone.

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Kwaad said:
Deguello said:

Jesus Christ, are you retarded, Kwaad? Phoenix Wright started on the Gameboy Advance almost six years ago.


Or maybe you were joking, and the joke makes no sense, which means you are just stupid, and not retarded or willfully ignorant of the facts.

 I dont pay attention... at all... to games I dont like. The american one, had no numbers (as far as I was aware) thus prompting me to think it was the first one, and since it is on the DS, that means the 2 and 3 would have also been on the DS, and 4 just came out, thus averaging 1 game every 6 months.

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History of Phoenix Wright In Japan.

1st (GBA) : 10/12/2001

2nd (GBA) : 10/18/2002

3rd (GBA) : 1/23/2004

Remake of 1st (DS) : 9/15/2005 (Port of 1st and one additional story)

Port of 2nd (DS) : 10/26/2006

4th (DS) : 4/12/2007 

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Looking at the sales chart shows me Phoenix Wright 4 sold more units on it´s first day than Phoenix Wright 2 and 3 ever sold in their life.... if this is true it´s a giant sucess and proves again that the DS is a giant seller in Japan...

Kwaad said:
Phoenix Wright 4... That's that detective one? Holy crap. At that pace their gonna be at Phoenix Wright 16 before DS2 comes out.

Remember, Phoenix Wright is made by Capcom...which means you are probably on target (see: Mega Man).

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PW4 is being heavily advertised all over Japan's major cities & districts. Capcom's initial shipment is 500. (same as the DS's FF3 interestingly enough)

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hope they release it in the US soon.  PW2 is still the best time i've had on the DS.

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