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As most of you probly know Mortal Kombat has been refused classification in Australia thus = Mortal Kombat Baned down under

we need your help! buy signing the petition you will be putting forward your voice to show Australia that you want an R18 rating in place for videogames and to also allow the sale of the unedited and full retail version of Mortal Kombat by Warner Bros. and Netherrealm Studios.


Link is here :

To show that you signed leave a comment =D


P.S you dont need to use ur real name

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Petition's rarely accomplish anything. Especially online petitions. What does the Australian Government care if their are 500K names annonamously signed to a petition. They don't know whether these are Australian voters or simply people from other countries. Second of all some people will sign the petition multiple times.

The only kinds of petitions that work are the physical paper petition signed locally in their country. The ones where they know that these are their voters.

If you want to change the Government's decision the only way to do so is to get fellow Australians to sign a localized petition. Another effective method is to get thousands of Australians to contact their Government leaders and plead with them to over turn the ruling.

Only the Australian voters have the power to change their governments mind!


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Import the game from the United Kingdom.

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i signed it but i doubt it will do much to help

but you can send Australian Boards of Classification an Email

Please keep your email polite. we want them to allow this game in our country. not give them more reasons why we are not capable of not having this game 

Forget Australia!

That's what you get for not being American

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Aussie people just going to import it like they always do, its "Banned" but thats just a bunch of crap since its going to be available everywhere.

Plus, when you import it, it's cheaper.

Next time America needs help kicking somebodys ass remember me I did my good deed for Australia today.






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Inever sign these stupid things but being as its mortal Kombat i have to. I just cant see someone going without

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