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Forums - Gaming Discussion - gamrConnect's 150 Favorite Games - 2010 Edition

Hmm. I'm not a very big fan of how you calculated scores, but I suppose I should finish my list before I can comment.

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Cool list I which Dark Chronicle had been higher it is better then 146!!

I I guess I will get the blame for Final Fantasy X-2's position XD

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Well, atleast Terranigma, Valkyrie Profile and Metroid: Other M made the list.


The Top 3 is identical to my Top 3.

I like VGChartz' taste in gaming

45 out of 50 of my list appeared.  Seeing Ogre Battle 64 and Xenogears makes me happy, and so does having FFVI and CT above FFVII.

Good work Smeags!

Somehow I expected Ocarina of Time to be #1

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Lol. Well done Smeags, that must have taken some work.

That's true dedication right there. I wouldn't have nearly enough patience to do this.

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Going through the list was hard, at 100 I was like..STILL NO FFXIII!

Then we got through VIII and IX and I it missed the top 150...but then it was there at number 27 LOL. Dunno how FFXIII get so high without me or Boutros completing our lists.

Oh and MGS4, GTA:SA are too heart stopped beating when I saw them so low, I thought they would be surefire top 10 contenders.

Thank you for putting FF6 at number 3 (thats exactly where I have it)! Nice to see Wind Waker so high up too (didn't expect to see it that high).

Cool how the top 5 FF's on the list are my top 5 FF's too (6,4,10,7,13) albeit a different order.

Top 3 games are on nintendo systems so this is clearly a nintendo biased poll!!c!a!r!l!!2291!!

Nice job Smeags...looking forward to doing it again next year if you'll do it tehehe

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Wow. That's a lot of work. Big, big kudos on that.

18 of my games made the top 50. 34 in the top 150. Not bad.

And most importantly, the right game at number 1...


Why did you split RE4 in 2 games? The Wii-Edition is the same game as all the other versions of RE4.