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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Biggest Nintendo Fan 2011: Nomenees/Entries

I'm in! I'm a ninty fan forever! ;)

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Such a big fan that I has tattoes on my arm. Beat that!



OK, I'll join I guess.

I guess I'll join in too.

noname2200 said:
SuperAdrianK said:

Vote: thesource

for nomination, if he wants to.

It's about time he gets some recognition for inflating Nintendo's numbers!

No that would be ioi! 

Add ioi people!!!!!!!!!!!

*sees mod looking at him*

joking joking!

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

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Count me in.


A patriot to the end. GO PATS!

Now playing> THE LAST STORY (Wii) Best RPG I EVER PLAYED. *-*

Nintendo could u please just take my money and give me back my 3DS?!

I'd like to nominate maxwell for this!

I nominate nintendofan981 for obvious reasons and  miz1q2w3e because he accepted my friend request

Edit: Stupid 100 post rule

Why don't you make like a tree and get out of here?

Well, I'm glad to anounce that the constest has just struck it's low-end in user number, though I'm waited for the nominated people and we can have an even bigger contest

Well, if Amp nominated me, I can't really say no can I?

Sure, sign me up. Nintendo delivers the platforming goods, and I'm always game for more. Playing DKCR right now, and I've never encountered a game where losing is so much fun.

*shakes fist at Prehistoric Path*