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Forums - Gaming Discussion - About to fulfil one of my gaming dreams, but it's going to cost me $4000

I've always wanted to buy two Arcade machines for my house. One of them is Dance Dance Revolution X and the other is Wangan Midnight 3 Twin Arcade. I've found a retailer that's willing to sell both machines for $3000 and I'm going to have to pay a pretty hefty sum for delivery to get them from New South Wales to Melbourne. I've also found a Sega Touring DX cabinet for $300, but it's missing a bunch of parts and I'm going to have to rebuild it myself. 

I don't 'need' these things, but I really want them. I was planning on going on a holiday to the Dominican Republic and Vancouver this year and if I buy the cabinets, then I'll have to cancel the trip.

What do my fellow gaming enthusiast think, should I buy the arcade machines or should I go on a massive holiday and save a little bit of money? I'm worried that I'll miss out on the opportunity to buy these machines again, but it's also a lot of money to spend on boy toys. What do ya think?

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You must of space in your house.  If you must have the arcade games buy them, but otherwise I would just enjoy them at the arcade.  T


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Go for it Doobie!

Don't do it.

Here is the thing, while I am not really a huge supporter of costly trips, is the machines really worth it? What will be the cost if it breaks or something happens to it. 


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Sounds like a waste to me.

I say buy one and see if youll still have enough for the trip.

well I can unerstand you wanting DDR... after all the machine is kinda special with the floor and all...

but for the racing game.... aren't you better off doing a setup yourself with GT5 and 2 PS3s? :-p  I mean if it was one of these Virtua Racing units that shook, sure they were special, but just a wheel  and pedals, you can fix your logitech unit to a table and it'll just as good, cheaper and brand new...


If I were to buy an arcade machine, it'd be one of these flight sims that had you pivot 360°


oh and about your question... was the trip alone? if yes and if you weren't meeting familly there, then it's really one entertainment against the other... otherwise, well if you were going with your wife or something... she'll be pissed and rightfully so.


Well, it's worth it if you value them for being THE machines, not for the games itself... For me it would be much easier tu build from scratch the cabinets (including the DDR one), and put a computer inside.