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I bought Halo 2 a year ago and since then I have quit playing it. I will probably get Halo 3 just because I want to see what it is like if I have money at the time. I don't know how people are still playing Halo 2. I hope that Gears of War finally puts an end to that game, because it is boring and full of little kids. The story is also terrible and deliberately ends in a cliffhanger so that Bungie can sell millions of copies of Halo 3 to people who want to find out the ending or just want to play the multiplayer. Anyway, back to Halo 2. After you finish the story, which is very easy and full of mindlessly shooting for 3 hours, you try out multipalyer. The only people who like single player are the ones who try to find glitches and hidden skulls. Bungie thought that putting these in the game would make people want to find them, but the majority of people just go on to multiplayer or sell the game. Multiplayer has matchmaking and custom games. But unlike other games, you can only join games that you friends are in, which are usually invite only or closed. But lately, people have been just sitting in the PGL (pre-game lobby) talking because they are bored of the game, but since Halo 2 is the only good game on the Xbox 1 they are doomed to play it until they buy a 360. And in the rare event that you can get a big custom game of zombies or something going, there is always someone to ruin it for everyone. Then people just leave because they are bored. So at the end of a typical custom game there are only 5 people left and those people are passing party leader back and forth then leaving so there is no one left. Then there is matchmaking. This isn't fun at all, but some people still play it for some reason. You are put in a match along with other people and have to complete an objective or kill the other team enough times. In objective games your teammates are usually idiots and don't think before acting. There will always be at least one idiot on your team. There will also be at least one 'quitter'. They will quit the match as soon as something isn't going their way because they are babies and can't do anything for themselves. This will usually make other team members leave as well, until you are by yourself. In matchmaking with slayer, there is usually going to be some idiot who gets 0 kills and 15 deaths, or a suiciding idiot. Even if you have a good team you will still probably lose because the other team is really good but just de-levels so they can 'own' noobs. Then there are the cheaters. They have to ruin your game so they can get their useless rank up in the game. Because of them and Bungie not caring about Halo 2 anymore, the max level you can get in Matchmaking is around 35. Anything above that is just 100% cheaters. So in the process of getting a high rank, they destroyed it's meaning. If you play Halo 2 regularly you know that anyone over 40 is going to be a hacker. So there is really no point in doing that anyway, unless you want to be recognized as a cheater. Then there are people who are even worse then cheaters, little kids. They are everywhere in the game. Mostly because they were never into gaming until one of their idiot friends bought Halo and told them to buy it as well. Anyone that started gaming when they bought Halo 2 is most likely an idiot. They all have squeaky voices and play Halo 2 constantly, and their whole life revolves around the game. They don't play any other game then Halo because they are afraid that might make them lose some of their skills in Halo. They have to trash-talk anyone they play with and don't listen to logical reasoning. Unfortunately, they make up most of the community in Halo 2 because for some reason small children are attracted to this game. It is easy to spot a little kid because a lot of them play as Elites (probably because they think it looks cool). That is why Halo 2 is boring.

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Are you insane???

Halo 2 storyline is forgettable. Online play though is pretty awesome. Probably would suck though if there weren't alot of people. Really any online can be good if there is people to play with. Though some games online are great even without a lot of people.

I played the first two levels in single player and I quit playing. I didnt see what made that game so great.


I'm a big Halo fan and I only like the first 4 chapters of Halo 2. The Arbiter can go die.

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Story yes gameplay no.

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Story yes gameplay no.


Can we stop with these necrobumps? I don't like seeing threads from over a decade ago in my hot topics.

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Whoa. Who is still commenting in 10 year old Halo 2 threads?

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