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Forums - Sales Discussion - November NPD numbers released today

looking at the numbers vgcharts definitely undersold a lot of 360 games, cod4 is like 60 percent higher, rockband did double and mass effect sold over 500k in npd month (including canada) compared to like 300k for vgcharts if I recall :/ Creed is also over a million with canada included and I think it has over 100k of limited edition sales. Hopefully vgcharts updates.     

Note: Some games in my collection are no longer owned, but have owned.

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kamil said:
Last year's Numbers comparison:

November 2006 NPD
DS 918k
Wii 476k (supply constrained launch)
360 511k
PS2 664k
PS3 197k (supply constrained launch)

VGChartz Hardware data for the period 12th Nov 2006 to 03rd Dec 2006 (America):
Wii 704,945
PS3 314,233
X360 726,625

Why the difference is so big? Even after adding 10% for Canada the difference is still 30-50% for this gen consoles.

I think that may be a consequence of NPDs irritating method of allocating weeks into months.... Rol said that December is always 5 weeks for NPD, and Jan 2007 was unusually a 5 week for NPD too...... I assume the December 2006 NPD 5 weeks ended on the 31st of December, meaning that the week ending the 3rd December was included into December NPD.

Basically last years November NPD was in fact almost a week earlier than this years.... and so we should compare with these VGC numbers:

VGChartz Hardware data for the period 05th Nov 2006 to 26th Nov 2006:

NPD 2006

so in fact they are very close. (we could take 10% from VGC to account for Canada, but as it is November, with Thanksgiving it is usually less than 10% as i have just seen the Canadian NPD numbers for this November)

@TWRoO: I think you're right, so the numbers are good afterall. I thought that NPD counts every week that begins in a given month to this month (becouse this was happening accidently for last few months).

This was a great holiday season for gaming.


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ps3-sales! said:
This was a great holiday season for gaming.

Why did you posted in a thread from 9 years ago when everyone is expecting November 2016's numbers ?

Locking: Why was this necro'd? It's especially confusing with the other NPD thread on the front page too.