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Its just been confirmed comedy legend Leslie Neilsen died in his sleep aged 84.

Just thought I'd make this thread so people could remember him and post anything they'd like about him.

I know for me he was one of my favorite actors of all time and acted in some of the best films of my childhood like the naked gun series and airplane

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This man was a legend. I loved him in The Naked Gun movies and the Airplane! movies. Sad to hear about him dying.

That's really sad.  He was one of the funniest guys around.

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Rest in peace man.

damn that sucks i loved this guy in his Naked Gun series 

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Man, loved him in Naked Gun, Airplane, etc.  Still, not bad age and passing away quietly in your sleep - I'd settle for that.

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RIP I love naked gun and airplane movies.

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Leslie Nielsen's dead? Shirley you can't be serious!?

Joking aside (it's what he would have wanted) I was about to start this thread, I loved Leslie Nielsen. Forbidden planet was such an amazing film and Police squad is one of my favourite TV programmes ever. When you take into consideration the wide range between those two roles it just shows how versatile an actor he could be. I'll certainly miss him.

Didn't Barbara Billingsley (the old woman who spoke jive) die just a couple of days ago too? Terrible time for fans of the film Airplane!

RIP Les - Forever Funny :D

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Rest in peace man. Loved him in Airplane and Naked Gun.