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Forums - Sales Discussion - 10 Week Countdown 2010

non-gravity said:
theprof00 said:
darthdevidem01 said:
theprof00 said:
darthdevidem01 said:

I am gonna wait till GT5 release date announcement before predicting

they will announce GT5's new release date by the end of October

the game starts before the end of november. Just going to have to take a shot in the dark my friend.

no it doesn't

the first weeks SALES will go online in november

so we are allowed to predict until the 2nd of November

Read the OP

ah my bad, I was simply counting the weeks backwards before i opened the thread.

who was it that kept track of the WoW and YoY sales...was it kowenicki?

You might be looking for this if it's up to date

that was helpful thanks.

This may be a bad xmas for Sony unless GT5 comes out and sells a million ps3s.

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Week 1 - 185k

Week 2 - 220k

Week 3 - 240k

Week 4 - 300k

Week 5 - 550k

Week 6 - 700k

Week 7 - 660k

Week 8 - 750k

Week 9 -100k

Week 10 - 380k

Total -4.985m



XBOX 360-

Week 1 -230k

Week 2 - 350k

Week 3 - 500k

Week 4 - 420k

Week 5 - 620k

Week 6 - 520k

Week 7 -550k

Week 8 - 730k

Week 9 - 800k

Week 10 - 330k

Total - 5.050m




Week 1 -220k

Week 2 -310k

Week 3 - 440k

Week 4 -380k

Week 5 - 580k

Week 6 -500k

Week 7 - 520k

Week 8 - 670k

Week 9 - 750k

Week 10 - 310k

Total -4.680m

End of 2016 prediction




1: 200k

2: 250k

3: 400k

4: 500k

5: 800k

6: 850k

7: 900k

8: 950k

9: 900k

10: 550k

TOTAL: 6.300.000


1: 200k

2: 250k

3: 325k

4: 450k

5: 700k

6: 750k

7: 850k

8: 900k

9: 900k

10: 500k

TOTAL: 5.825.000


1: 225k

2: 300k

3: 325k

4: 450k

5: 700k

6: 750k

7: 800k

8: 900k

9: 850k

10: 550k

TOTAL: 5.850.000

End of 2010 Predictions (Original Prediction Made: Jan. 1, 2010---Revised April 1, 2010---Revised Again July 1, 2010---Revised Again on Nov. 1, 2010)

PS3: 46 MIL (April Revision: 44 MIL, July Revision 43 MIL, Nov. Revision 45MIL)

360: 44 MIL (April Revision: 46 MIL, July Revision: 48 MIL, Nov. Revision 49MIL)

WII: 82 MIL (Apr. Revision: 84 MIL, Jul. Revision: 82 MIL, Nov. Revision: 82MIL)

THE MUST BUY LIST of 2010: Gran Turismo 5

THE BOUGHT LIST of 2010: White Knight Chrnociles, Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy 13, God of War 3, Modnation Racers, Sports Champions

I have added the current predictions into the table (adding mine into the mix)

I will probbaly add colour to the tables on my next edit so it will be easier to recognise, but currently they will remain grey

6 current participants, 2 of us for the full 5 platforms so far, 3 further for the 3 home consoles only, and haxxiy who I added in for Wii and X360 but ignored the incomplete PS3 prediction.

Some things that we will want/need to know asap:

GT5 release date (hopefully it is given before November starts)
if there is a PS3 SKU releasing as leo-J said, can someone give me a date
also if any other deals have been missed or are scheduled for the period mention them (for example last year the Wii had a deal the week after black Friday week, which screwed most of us over)

I'll add in Okr's DS suggestions tomorrow, hopefully with details of this PS3 SKU is there is one.

Good Luck

I'd say the handhelds are more predictable than the consoles that are way down over the same weeks in 2009 and 2010 around this time, yet noone likes predicting for them.

I hope more people will enter, but otherwise my predictions will just have to crush TWROO's predictions :p

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Updated my predictions with DS and PSP numbers. While calculating them I felt like I suck predicting handhelds, but there they are anyways. I predict PSP being pushed by MH while DS coming to a halt of sorts due to 3DS releasing next year. They are likely to be updated though, DS could see unexpected boosts in the next weeks and PSP could get a pricecut in the Go.

PS3 predictions stand still... damn, where's the GT5 release date?






Oh this is excellent. This was one of my favourite threads last year and the year before that, even though I did quite rubbish. This year it's comparatively to the other threads even better, as people here are, sadly, not as interested in sales discussions anymore.

I'll have to actually have a proper look at the numbers again now, to make a sound prediction. Excellent!

Brilliant thread as  always, TWroO!

I'm your daddy

I'll probably be updating again Sunday, so if you want to be included get your post made (and if yours have changed since the last edit please make sure to tell me)

No new entries yet

i'll probably be doing my edit Sunday or Monday night, which so far only seems to include haxxiy's handheld figures.

Then I will accept new entries up until the end of Sunday 31st October, then editing of any current entrants through 1st November.


Currently it doesn't look like we will get the graphs feature back for hardware, nor a release date for GT5 before the close of the competition, but whatever happens, all of us will be in the same boat so it doesn't make much difference.

If the GT5 release is mentioned on like Sunday 31st or Monday 1st then I may stretch the prediction editing till Tuesday night to allow everyone to have all the right info for their final edit.