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I have added the current predictions into the table (adding mine into the mix)

I will probbaly add colour to the tables on my next edit so it will be easier to recognise, but currently they will remain grey

6 current participants, 2 of us for the full 5 platforms so far, 3 further for the 3 home consoles only, and haxxiy who I added in for Wii and X360 but ignored the incomplete PS3 prediction.

Some things that we will want/need to know asap:

GT5 release date (hopefully it is given before November starts)
if there is a PS3 SKU releasing as leo-J said, can someone give me a date
also if any other deals have been missed or are scheduled for the period mention them (for example last year the Wii had a deal the week after black Friday week, which screwed most of us over)

I'll add in Okr's DS suggestions tomorrow, hopefully with details of this PS3 SKU is there is one.

Good Luck