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Btw according to the chart after 52 weeks after it was released the PS3 was ahead 5,613,000 to 5,570,000. and total after 104 weeks for 360 was 13,142,000 only an increase of 2 mil units total its second year. I am rooting for you MS but overall numbers arent that impressive for 2 years.

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It doesn't really matter if it does or not, what matters is long term. And I think longterm it will wipe the floor with the 360 simply because you can't rely on just one market and expect to stay ahead. The ps3 is dominating the 360 in Japan and is building momentum in Europe. All it would take now is for the ps3 to sell ~70% of what the 360 is selling in America to start catching up fast. The next month will be very telling especially in Europe.



SRLemmiwinks said:

Actually when you take in that gap for the European Launch, its probably selling a little bit better. When you look at the lack of true System sellers for the PS3 and the fact that the 360 had those games its first year (Call of Duty 2, Dead Rising, GRAW to name a few), I would say its selling far better then the 360.

Its going to be very interesting to see how it sells next year when all the true AAA system movers are released. Im going to assume a little bette, just like this year, for every game I can think of next year for the PS3 there was an equally huge 360 title this year, Killzone 2, LittlebigPlanet, Metal Gear Solid, Gran Turismo 5 and then you have Halo 3, Bioshock and Mass Effect.



 And the huge price difference . The PS3 is overall performing much batter ...

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