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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Best Graphics this Gen - Gears 3

Severance said:

why do Xbox fans see Gears as the best thing on Xbox when Halo looks a lot better? also have a bigger scale

gears 2 looked better then halo 3, halo 3 didnt look that great. i dont think xbox fans prefer gears over halo. look at all the hype around reach im sure gears 3 isnt going to have that kind of hype.

Being in 3rd place never felt so good

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Gears 3 will set the bar just as Gears set it when it was released. I believe Gears 3 will surpass Uncharted 2 in the TPS graphics king department. Gears 3 already looks better than Reach so Reach is out of the argument. Killzone 3 and Gears 3 will be the contenders next year. If UC3 is released then throw that in the mix. Its going to be an interesting battle next year.

it´s just "meh" i have seen a lot better than this. uncharted 2 is from last year and it looks 2 times better.

but is the best looking game by far of the 360


... Until Uncharted 3, amirite?

ClassicGamingWizzz said:

it´s just "meh" i have seen a lot better than this. uncharted 2 is from last year and it looks 2 times better.

but is the best looking game by far of the 360

Uncharted 2 beta multiplayer footage. Gears 3 alpha multiplayer footage looks better.

Don't compare your memory of Uncharted 2's finished campaign to Gears 3 alpha multiplayer.

I think the E3 campaign footage actually looked better than this vid, but the foilage and lighting on this vid is pretty impressive.

Edit: Sorry the guy in the vid is annoying.

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Im finding Killzone 3 Far More impressive.

Gears 3 is A Very nice step up from 2 though.

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it will probably be the best looking game on the xbox 360 probably not this gen

Uncharted 2 is lot better for now... wait Gears release.

/end thread

Am I the only one who plays a game and doesnt constantly compare the graphics details to every other game? The reason I want Gears of War 3 is for the "sticky friction," basically because it plays really well, and everything just feels right, that is why the game is awesome. The graphics may be great, but does it really matter whether or not it outclasses Uncharted/Killzone/Rage/Crysis

Wow, the colors are so vivid. It almost doesn't look like Gears.

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