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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Best Graphics this Gen - Gears 3

Amazed at how quickly people have forgotten about GOW3. But oh well, Gears 3 does look great. I think the graphical comparisons should be left until the games released when people can really compare games. This is just stupid speculation at the minute.

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this thread will a good amount of posts...

as much as I like gears(though a new fan) I don't think will be the best looking game this gen(maybe on the 360) I think GT5, K3, FFXIIIVersus, Crysis 2, Rage, are looking to be better than gears(from a graphical standpoint) It's been my thought that 360 owners didn't care about graphics that much, but ever since K2 and U2 came out it seems like whether it's MS, pro-MS websites, or 360 fans have been trying to prove that the 360 can do it as well;  I'm not trying to that it can't I'm just saying it doesn't really matter,(well to me) just look at Halo 3 and MW2, they weren't graphicals masterpieces but they sold a shitload of copies on the 360.

looks almost like uncharted 2. but it doesn't have the same amount of detail..IMO, Gears 3 ========= Bulletstorm, it's almost the same!

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Reach said:

i found this and baby im blown away!

Cant believe what they are getting out of 360! RaGe , Crysis 2 and Gears 3 look like Next-Gen! Cant wait to see how good Forza 4 and KingDoms look like :)

Thats really *looks at his screen name*

-.-   Your really funny *sarcasm*

Definitely is a great looking game.

I would wait for the "Best graphics this gen" remarks until it releases though, and we see it on big HD TV's!


What Uncharted 2 (My personal best) has over a bunch of other games is CONSTANT scenery that just looks well... Amazing.

The train chase.
The Tibetan village.
The ice caverns.

All amazing looking areas with totally different scenery for each. That's what makes Uncharted 2's graphics and engine so special. It doesn't just do the same thing over and over.

Looks like Gears is now following that Uncharted formula. Can't wait to see the final results!


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From what i already saw from those videos look already better than UC2 and KZ2 by far... and its pre alpha. im expecting even better graphics when releases.

My opinion!

Dude Uncharted 2 came out 2009 and I still play it online and it looks better than that video atleast. Same environments too xP. I expected Selnor aswell xDD.


Its "meh" to me.

Uncharted 2, God of War III and KZ2 so far are the best I have seen...but a lot of great looking games are coming up (Gears 3 is one of them).

Selnor? is that youuuuuu?

OT: UC2 came a while back and it STILL looks better than that...I won't keep my hopes up if I were you

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no xbox game will look as good as a ps3 game