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Severance said:

i don't think pricing is a problem with Microsoft, they just need to market it , and people will buy it.

Not neccessarily, they're not Apple, people won't simply buy it because MS made it.

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I guess we're back waiting until the middle of August which is when they also plan to release the Xbox 360 Arcade.

thranx said:
steverhcp02 said:
Mistershine said:

Does this actually have any news content, other than a STILL unofficial price?

I think its moving toward a more conclusive pricing. Why would walmart be giving away giftcards and a game in a bundle theyre doing internally without knowing the final price of a product?

Thats whats curious about this, imo. 

Unless this is th emost brilliant marketing strategy ever and MSFT is telling these companies to expect $150 then they come out at $99 or something close to launch to surprise us all.

depending on Microsoft's formal announcement," a Walmart representative told IGN. 


that is the line that still makes all of this useless. they're also stating they have no price and this is a placeholder unti they get one. So just like all other retailers this is just speculation, back to waiting for an actual anouncement on price.

I'm sure they only made such a statement simply because Microsoft hasn't formally announced the price to the public.  That has no bearing on whether Wal-mart knows the actual price, and I highly doubt they'd start compiling bundles that include things like free gift-cards on little more than speculation.

What if Kinect ends up costing $80 after they've already promised to toss in a $30 gift card with each bundle?  There goes their profit margin and then some.

I am quite sure Wal-mart and every other major retailer know the price at this point, otherwise they wouldn't be advertising $149.99 in unison, even going so far as to create bundles around that price point.

I stand by my original statement.

One. It was not in unison, it started with one online retailer, than others followed suite. If it was all in unison we wouldn't be getting threads everytime a new retailer releases a price.

Two. Why would retailers do this? The first thing that comes to mind is retailers wanting snag up preorders before some other companies would make those sales.

Three. How would they do this? To take a preorder as far as i know you must have an actual price. If there is no price what can you do? Pick a hi end price of what you think it may cost, or price match what others have put out. 149 was the towards the high end of what peoplewhere predicting natal would cost so if you want to over shoot the price to avoid taking losses ( most preorders say they will not raise the price, but could still lower it if something changes) it would be a good number to pick.


And as I said before, until I see an actual anouncement of the price from microsoft I will take everything else with a grain of salt and not as fact.

And the worst for Knetics is that i think Nintendo will be selling the wii for 150 by the time that kenitcs is released.


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well kinect is being released on nov 4 so unless nintendo has immediate plans it would be silly to drop the price as nintendo doesnt yet know the impact that kinect will have


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If im going to buy one im going to need to wait to get one for 50$ at gamestop used.

That's a ripoff. The launch lineup is horrible.

I'd post the picard picture but..... that's quiet a lot if you also think about the price of a worthwhile 360.

you know I used to think Kinect was pretty expensive(which it still kinda is) but if people are willing to drop $100 or more on those rockband/guitar hero sets, why not kinect? 

no games could really hurt it's sales though, butl there is still quite some time before Kinect is release, not to mention event's such as comic con, gamescom, and TGS for MS to shed some information on all our "Kinect questions" hopefully kinect won't shoot MS in the foot.


question: I was talking to my friend a gamestop and he said the reason why Kinect is be retailed at $150 is because that's how much it cost to make.though he probably could be wrong, but doesn't that mean if MS sells Kinect at $150 would they just be breaking even or maybe even at a loss? I know a friend at gamestop isn't the most credible source but just wanted to get this out.(too lazy to make a thread)