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RafaelOrix said:
BHR-3 said:

Guerrilla Games confirmed the following facts at a presentation in London today:

“The Killzone 3 Blu-ray holds 43.8GB of data”

- Killzone 3 runs at 1280x720p
- The game now uses 100 per cent of the Cell processor's power
- Killzone 3 has a draw distance three times greater than Killzone 2
- It also generates three times the polygons of its predecessor
- The Killzone 3 Blu-ray holds 43.8GB of data

Killzone 3 is released on 23 February in Europe. Look out for our review later this week.


patiently waiting for the demo jealous of those that have plus think ya'll get it tomorrow

Tomorrow is the release of the Multiplayer Open Beta, for all players that download it from the PS Store. It's not exclusive to PS . The single player demo, however, will be available for PS on 02/09, everyone else will have access to the single player demo on 02/16.

thanx your right tommorow we'll all get the online demo thats news to me


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I'll add reviews a little later when I get back. Rack up as many as y'all can, if y'all can! Thanks.


Just for Brazilians like me... Sony Brazil stated the preorder of Killzone 3 Latin American Edition. Check the cover below.

Highlights (in PT-BR)

  • Gênero: Shooter - Tiro em primeira pessoa
  • Classificação indicativa: Recomendado para maiores de 18 anos  
  • Jogo 3D
  • Compatível com PlayStation Move
  • Áudio em Português (Brasileiro) 
  • Legenda em Português (Brasileiro)
  • É o primeiro jogo da SCEA para PlayStation 3 que contará com áudio e legenda em Português do Brasil.

YEAH!!! Audio in Portuguese Brazil.

I guess that the first game in PT-BR for PS3 (or any other console) here.


been playing the beta recently and it's pretty fun but there are definatly some issues.It just seems like after playing only two hours of the beta I have already unlocked half of the stuff and there is little incentive to keep playing beyond maybe the first day or two

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I got a question for the US people here...did you see some advertising by now? I looked at the pre-order charts and was not really pleased with it...i thought Sony would do something for one of their biggest games in you think it will still come or will Sony bash theirselves again marketing-wise?

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I had a question about the pre-order bonuses.

So if i pre-order from gamestop i get a code that i activate and i get all the abilities/weapons for 24 hours. Now is the code still active while i am not playing the game? Or should i just play 24 hours straight lol?

So are we getting a VGC Killzone 3 clan together?!

Working on the clan thread now.  Will post when it's up.  It won't be as flashy as the Killzone 2 thread, though.


VGC Official Killzone 3 Clan


Here is a Dutch video with a tour of Guerrilla's brand new studio in Amsterdam.


They had a picture board with Guerrilla's new IP.

Basically it is about:

Chuck Norris


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