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Who had a better E3 Conference- Sony or Microsoft?

Sony 116 75.82%
Microsoft 30 19.61%
They were equal 7 4.58%

equally bad imo, the Sony conf didn't need to be 2 hours, and MS made me want to choke babies besides the first 20 or so minutes.

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Sony had a better actual conference, but I think if you line up 360 and PS3 only (not the PSP, which is pretty irrelevant to this discussion since it is not competing with Microsoft at all) and take into account E3 as a whole - the way developers discussed the consoles and games, the way the press reacted (both mainstream and gaming media), the associated advertising and PR (like COD:B.Ops branded as 360 running in the NBA Finals, Kinetic in the mainstream morning shows, etc.)  and the actual announcements, I'd actually give it to the 360.

Now, I can only speak from an American perspective, and clearly a GT5 date, for example, carries more weight elsewhere, but a new slim console Halo Gears COD branding and early DLC release is a tough team to beat in this country.  360 was already winning weeks in the U.S. still, despite the onslaught of PS3 awesomeness this last quarter, and there's clearly a lot of people that were waiting for E3 announcements judging from the forums and Amazon orders and the like.  I find it hard to believe that anything Sony showed for PS3 changes the balance in power between the HD consoles in this country.

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Slimebeast said:

Microsofts obviously.

Content-wise they were about equal, but from an entertainment point of view Sony's was the worst conference ever. It was just bla bla bla... show trailer... bla bla bla... ZZZZzzzzz....

What is obvious is that you don't own any Sony software (well, at least your profile here doesn't show any).  I am able to conclude from your comment that you a Microsoft supporter, obviously.

Anyhow, in regards to "winning" this contest of E3 that companies are supposed to "win" looks like one of the most useless of all possible contests.  There is no prizes they win, and no one remembers them.  The only people that care about "winning" are fanboys who prefer one console over another and need their console of choice to win.

Also, in regards to "winning" I remember when people said Sega beat Sony with the Dreamcast presented.  How did that work out?  And Nintendo's Wii Music E3 was supposed to have lost real badly.  Well, who ended up winning in the market?  I would also say here none of this matters.  What matters is the tone gets set in the marketplace.  Microsoft needed to end up presenting Kinects and get the world to care.  Well, I would say it did that, even if the media event was dull as dirt and not appealing to gamers.

Sony (in my opinion).

Nintendo was head and shoulders above the other two, but Sony's was better. The big difference between Sony and MS for me was how to presented their new motion controls. Sony presented a very balanced presentation with "core" and "casual" titles for move where as I don't think MS did that at all (Forza doesn't count if you consider what they were trying to push, a reskinned version of Joy Ride, that other natal racer).

Also, I think Sony's surprises were much bigger than MS, with the only thing notable (from what I remember today) was Metal Gear Rising, which was such a awesome shock, but that's it really (I guess the New Xbox was pretty cool, but a year too late in my opinion). Twisted Metal basically destroyed that alone, but if you include things like infamous (reveal of ice abilities was a pleasant surprise) and Sly cooper remastered (and that mascots game thing), Sony had just enough secrets to reveal. the only annoying thing about Sony's was that it had a few un-necessary things included (kevin butler), which i'm sure people who love the offensive approach sony's taking these days would have enjoyed, but I just thought it was a pointless cash in of a luckily successful commercial.

I'm not saying the MS conference was downright horrible, it's just that they clearly didn't plan it as well. Last year when they said "from this point onwards, everything you see will only be available on XBOX 360" I was amazed. This year, I was disappointed, because if this is all they could think of for what's coming exclusively to xbox in the next 12 months, they might be in trouble.

Sony murdered Microsoft,but, Nintendo blew the competition away.


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Well I still think Sony had the best show of E3,  im in a minority on that but I can live with that.

Is this really a serious question? no actually I can't belive this is even a question at all, I don't want to type an essay so I'll just say this.

MS conference is about in line with the "Giant Enemy Crab" and Wii music E3 2008.

*didn't read nor care about the OP, just gonna say what I want to say!* 

Nintendo! BITCHES! 


I kid, Sony by far, the Microsoft conference was a train wreck on the levels of Sony 2006 the only thing missing was a Kinect price announcement with the MS fans getting disgruntled and grabbing their torches and pitchforks lol

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Microsoft was better, in terms of drawing attention and quality of the presentation,also thanks to kinect applications, but in terms of content Sony is the winner imo.

freebs2 said:

Microsoft was better, in terms of drawing attention and quality of the presentation,also thanks to kinect applications, but in terms of content Sony is the winner imo.

Just opened my new Entertainment Weekly - a very mainstream mag for the commonfolk/non-hardcore if gamers at all.  One of their favorite things this week?  "New Xbox 360 launched.  Look ma, no hands!"  next to a pic of the Relaunched console and Kinect.

Microsoft's mass market plan is working in terms of getting the word out.  The question is whether the mass market will buy it.  We shall see come November.

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