Forums - Sales Discussion - Could DKCR become the top selling western developed game in Japan ever?

Xoj said:

no even 3d mario dont make that numbers

if not a PSP monster hunter, Pokemon DS or full scale final fantasy/dragon quest dont expect anything like 1.5m

That kind of talk reminds me of what people said before NSMB Wii was released (in addition to silly things like "2D Mario is a handheld series now"). Only back then Rol and a number of others also expected it to be so big.


This is a major series in Japan, in a genre that's been proven by NSMB Wii on the same console. And while Wii may not have the same Japanese userbase SNES had(?), Wii owners in Japan are also pretty starved.

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It is largely a technical exercise but feedback is appreciated.

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I really doubt it but I would love to be surprised.

I´m surprised by how many people are underestimating this game!

New Super Mario Bros Wii should have thought us how big a classic 2d sidescroller can sell in Japan. Sure Donkey Kong is not as big as Mario but it IS still huge. Let´s have a look at two facts:

1. 2d platformers with big Nintendo characters usually sell much better than their 3d cousins. Therefore 2d is bigger in this case than 3d in Japan.

Donkey Kong Country: 3 million

Donkey Kong Country 2: 2,2 million

Donkey Kong 64: 900k


New Super Mario Bros Wii: 4 million

Super Mario Galaxy: 1 million


2.  Wii has proven that it´s biggest games can sell as much or MORE than the biggest on SNES with:


New Super Mario Bros WIi : 4 million

Super Mario World: 3,5 million


This is despite the smaller userbase. Also brandname is very important in Japan as we can see with NSMB and Donkey Kong Country Returns has the brandname. I´m actually surprised that some think Kirby well sell more than this. Kirby has never sold much more than a million while Donkey Kong Country has...

I´m not saying that this game will beat 3 million like the original, I´m not saying that it will beat Kirby for sure, I´m not even saying it will sell 1,5-2 million copies (even if I expect that at least). It is afterall a long time since the Donkey Kong Country series was in in´s glorydays, but I WILL say that many of you are underestimating the sellpotentional of this game. It could sell anything in between 1 million and 3,5 million in my opinion. The potentional of this title is huge, one of the biggest Wii still has to go of the classic Nintendo franchises. I think many of you should be prepared for a big surprise come this holiday in Japan (just like many were with NSMBW).

If NSMB Wii taught us anything, it's that you shouldn't underestimate the potential of 2D platformers. This is just the title that Japan needs to help boost Wii hardware, not only in Japan, but worldlwide. I think this game will sell at least half of what NSMB Wii sold there, so maybe around 2 million, just in Japan. In the West I think it'll sell 6-8 million. This will be Nintendo's biggest holiday title, even bigger than Mario Sports Mix, Wii Party, Goldeneye, or Kirby.

Yes, it will sell at least 3 million in Japan. It will sell more here in the US because of the bigger market.

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Mmm i think you guys should be lookin at kirby wii... that will be gigantic!!


^I assumed jarrod was joking, Kirby has never broken 2 million in Japan, even on DS or the original Gameboy (both of which were huge in Japan.)

A game I'm developing with some friends:

It is largely a technical exercise but feedback is appreciated.


I'm not sure if it will, but it's the only game in a while to stand a chance at doing so

I honestly don't know. If it was on a handheld system, maybe...

If it sells over a million, that's good enough for me, but 3 million on the Wii? I doubt it. I'd love to be proven wrong, though.

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