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Why should I be hyped? It doesn't look fun, and I never played the earlier games...

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RageBot said:

Why should I be hyped? It doesn't look fun, and I never played the earlier games...

why so negative? lol

Twisted Metal new = amazingness.  That is all.

I never played any of the old games and was never interested but this one looks really good

Looked fun as fuck. I'll definitely get it.

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It was borring, it continues to look like. Really... when the clip started, and the taxi guy talked, I had two thoughts: Destruction Derby? Carmagedon?

Then Twisted Metal... and a really odd and boring gameplay.

I actualy would be a little more hyped if they hadn't use the gore version of it, but the original. But just slightly...


Not my cup of tea, unfortunately...



I'm pumped for twisted metal. That' was my game back in the day.

im super hyped but weary of the change to factions vs vehicles.   I need to see more nd more importantly get it in my hands to play.


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oldschoolfool said:
Barozi said:

Just didn't look that great. That's why I'm not hyped for it.

For a car combat game I thought it looked superb. You also have to understand the fact that their still working on the game.

just watched the interview with jaffe on gt

there is one map, the one where they show the nuke mode , that's just ugly

the textures  just *meh*   and how it looks when you destroy a building 

they got to work on that 

but I think they still have plenty of time

Can't fuckin' wait. Also, we won't see the game till the second half of next year most likely. For what it is now, it looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

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