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thats freakin hilarious

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lol that's funny..but it's still pretty late since it's been out for several weeks now

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I like the ad myself. As far as Nintendo , they are kiddie which is one reason why they are a huge success. Disney is kiddie also yet many adults likes to go to Disney World.
That's one thing I totally refuse to get offended about ; video games. I know some adult see all video games as kiddie. I just point out this is true about all games including golf,football, racing,  etc. In the end they are all just games.

ROFL, that was very funny

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lool this was very funy and definately aimed at mario kart and not modnation:):)
oh btw make sure you check out MNR, it's a great cart racer:):)

it's the future of handheld


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What's Blur?

Yeah great commercail.




loves2splooge said:
These kind of commercials pander to the stereotypical self-proclaimed "hardcore gamer" that bashes the Wii because it's "kiddie". Guys who are like that are hung up on their masculinity. Mario Kart is still fun no matter what age you are. Having played the Blur beta, it's a fun game (personally I still feel the Road Rash games on the Sega Genesis are much better arcade racers than Blur though) but I see this attack as a low blow. 

Or maybe you just need to get over yourself and realize that Mario Kart isn't some sacred cow that needs protecting and defending.

modnation racer got better graphics then blur so I doubt this is mocking modnation

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