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Pakistan has banned access to Facebook from 19 May 2010, after officials from the country were outraged by a Facebook page that promotes users to draw images of an Islamic prophet.

The Facebook page in question is titled "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day," and asks users to upload images of Islam's holy man that they've drawn. The page was created to protest against Islamic Extremists' threats and violence against past portrayals of Mohammed.


The blocking of Facebook subsequently means that "FarmVille" access has gone, as well as any other social games the nation's players may be engrossed in. As Zynga's site still needs players to log-in with their Facebook account, there's currently no way for Pakistani residents to tend to their farms.

This isn't the first time Pakistan has banned a popular website, has also fallen victim to the wrath of authorities. For now the Facebook ban has been put in place until 31 May 2010, but this may be extended.

Facebook has no intention of removing the controversial page, and fully stands by the American "Freedom of Speech" amendment. While disappointed with the Pakistani government, Facebook had this to announce in an official statement:

"We strongly believe that Facebook users have the freedom to express their opinions, and we don't typically take down content, groups or pages that speak out against countries, religions, political entities or ideas."




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lol Pakistan. I don't know what to say. This is sad (meaning pathetic, not actually sad)

So much for Pakistan's freedom of speech

did they hve many ppl going on facebook ther anyway?

Oh. :( It was just a side effect that farmville was banned. I thought it was going to be some strange reason like Farmville drains the soul of the players. I believe that to be true because I almost got addicted to that crap. x.o Now i'm back to vgchartz (and letting this site drain my soul! yay!)

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This is werid like china baninng wow.

...the villains...


that's ridiculous

LOL. Silly big governments.


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Aren't the pakistan pissed at this BS their government throws out?