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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - New Xenoblade Screens & Details!!!!!!!!! (Greatness!!!!)

very large in scope, every modern JPRG *nudge, nudge, wink, wink* should be like this, impressive.

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The scope of the game looks to be great!

Once again game is really shaping up. Can't wait to see more of this at E3 2010 for us Americans over here.

Very very interesting. ( ^w^)

I don't like the bland textures of the characters faces, but these environments..........
These environments put even Baten Kaitos' completely to shame. They look amazing.

I really hope this plays as good as it looks.

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Do want now!

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my computer wont show the first posted screens...but i can see the second ones..

amazing...simply amazing. like SaviorX said, i hope it plays as well as it looks.


Shiny. I might be investing in some RPG goodness this year.


I'm finally impressed.

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