Forums - Sales Discussion - PSP will sell more tha GBA in japan ltd ???

What do you think guys ???

I think yes!



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more info, please.

PSP - 14,51 M
GBA by the end of 2006 - 16,64 M

good luck

GBA sold about 16.7 million in Japan. PSP is currently at 14.51 million and last year it sold 2.4 million. This year PSP has sold about 800k units in Japan so far so if we assume that it will do same kind of numbers as last year PSP's LTD sales in Japan will be 16.1 million when this year ends and so the gap will be about 600k units. PSP will sell that much next year even with release of PSP2.

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Nintendo shouldn't of killed the GBA so early. But then again, looking at how well the DS did.

Yes it will. The PSP may not sell as well as the DS, but they are still doing a good job for a first handheld console.

Yep, no doubts.







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Oh, yeah. Until the release of PSP2 :)