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Forums - PC Discussion - Your favorite Warcraft game?


Your favorite Warcraft game?

Warcraft: Orcs & Humans 1 1.64%
Warcraft II 20 32.79%
Warcraft III 30 49.18%
World of Warcraft 9 14.75%
Lol! Warcraft iz 4 geex!!!eleven!!1 1 1.64%

Easily WCIII

Just waiting for that PS Vita to come out so I can play some full featured games on the go with that beautiful screen and control scheme...

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W3 for all it has offered me during all these years

- great campaign
- competetive multiplayer
- awesome LAN's
- tons of custom games, such as DOTA, TD's and many many more (Battletanks, my fav :)

I've played WoW more than W3, but that game was utter disappointment post BC.

MY HYPE LIST: 1) Gran Turismo 5; 2) Civilization V; 3) Starcraft II; 4) The Last Guardian; 5) Metal Gear Solid: Rising

Warcraft 3.

The first two games in the series didn't really have anything to offer that the C&C series didn't already do better. Well, excluding, but I'm not a big multiplayer guy anyway.

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War 3. WoW bored me after an hour.

Frozen Throne. by far the best thing Blizzard has ever done.

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I really preferred DotA - so I guess I will have to say WC3 since that is the engine it ran on

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