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Forums - Gaming Discussion - New 4D Gaming Vest Lets You Feel Pain (& Fun) of Being Shot

No thanks i just want 3d.




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i thought this has been around for years?

Why did he only play Mortal Kombat with the Interactor? Is that the only game that supported it?

The fourth dimension is time -_-


is 4-D actually phisically real?

also what a bad idea of making you feel pain

maybe if it vibrates or something

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During summer, when the temperature gets hot, a vest like that would make me sweat, also what should I do when, after too many hours of playing, it gets smelly. I don't think that it can be put into the washing-machine.....

these have been available since 2007 at least....

I'm not really here!

I've already experienced 4D in Universal studios.. SHREK 4D was crazy, I honestly didn't feel safe watching that movie.. not only was it in 3d (with things popping out at me) but I would get shot with water, heated up with flames, get spiders thrown at my feet.. it was really tense..




Somebody comes out with one of these vests every few years. Every few years I laugh at it. I'm really not sure if this will ever catch on. Maybe if it really gets cheap enough it'll be fun for a few games, but I can't see this being the next big thing or anything until it works for sex games or something.

I came out of hiding for this ha but..

I've been reading up on String Theory lately and according to this theory there are 10 or 11 (maybe 26) dimensions but we are only able to perceive four.

It's said that we are "stuck" in a 3+1 dimensional (i.e. three spatial dimensions plus the time dimension) subspace of the full universe. Such sub-spacetimes are supposed to be D-branes, hence such models are known as a brane-world theories.

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