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May is HUGE! What should/will you get?

Red Dead Redemption 73 23.03%
Super Mario Galaxy 2 86 27.13%
ModNation Racers 62 19.56%
Alan Wake 43 13.56%
Lost Planet 2 9 2.84%
3D Dot Game Heroes 44 13.88%

So, Red Dead Redemption, 3D Dot Game Heroes and probably Modnation Racers.

I still voted for Red Dead Redemption though rofl

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Dang, I'm still the only one who voted for Lost Planet 2?

I'm also interested in Red Dead Redemption and 3DDGH.

I'm gonna get 3D Dot Game heroes, Alan Wake, and Red Dead: Redemption, but I doubt that I would get to play any of them as I have my hands completely tied down by Super Street Fighter IV.

Red Dead Redemption for me. If I had a PS3 I would be all over 3D dot game heroes.

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I cannot tell a lie. I want Super Mario Galaxy 2. Badly.

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Lost Planet 2.

May rent a couple of the others, definite no other buys though.


it's funny how sales wise, Super Mario Galaxy is going to mop the floor with every game in May and probably thee next few months. Who knows, it might even outsell all those games combined. (-Reach).

Anyways, I voted for Alan Wake cause I've been waiting too long for that to buy anything else this month. It's kind of depressing how many great games I've missed so far this year because of FFXIII...then again, nah

too bad i won't be playing anything in may and june (except for PSP)

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I might get modnation racer, I don't have a racing game yet so that'll be a good first.

Also might try 3D dot game heroes, I just ned to find out a little more about it, if it's practically the exact same as A Link to the Past then I'm getting it.

Red Dead Redemption, 3D Dot Heroes and Modnation. Although I may wait on 3D and Mod a bit since I still have some catching up to do with games from the last few months. Finally got to play through Uncharted 2 (Amazing btw).

Hopefully I'll get to try out SMG2 on my friends Wii, assuming he gets it right away.