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It's a hard pick for me, but it's definitely a game in the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

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either final fantasy vii or metal gear solid 4. cant decided betwean them but one of those

I'll say MGS3: Snake Eater for obvious reasons and also FFX for a multitude of minor reasons.






I'm going with Shadow of the Colossus or Metal gear Solid 3.

They're two of the most memorable to me.

Chrono Trigger will most likely win, though.

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Definitely Final Fantasy X and Metal Gear Solid 4

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Star Wars: KoTOR I think.

Xenogears hands down for me.

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Define "best story"?

If it's the best story, if it could be implemented as a book's plot, it's Xenogears/Planescape: Torment (and 99% of whoever thinks differently didn't play these games, FACT).

MGS games have a well polished plot, but otherwise simple ones, while MGS4 doesn't have a good story for itself, but as a conclusion to a saga.

Final Fantasy X? Think back about it, realize that it... just doesn't.
KotOR? Think back about it, realize that you can sum the story in three lines.
Chrono Trigger? Again, a very simple, but highly polished story.
Final Fantasy VII has to many boring characters, though the story is quite good.

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Hotel Dusk has the best story, IMO

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