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This thread is a joke.

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Your name is a joke. Cabeza is a feminine noun, get your definite article right.

I can't begin to describe how much I'd like to continue this, but it'd clearly go nowhere.

It'll go somewhere, probably just not somewhere you want it to go.

XIII has almost universally terrible characters. Lightning has the personality of a cardboard box. Snow is a douche and an idiot. Hope is a whiny brat. Vanille is a monstrosity. That's two-thirds of your party. Fang is tolerable enough until she starts actually feeling emotions, and then she's almost as obnoxious as everyone else.

Sazh is cool, I'll give you that.

None of the characters in XIII are as interesting, as charming, or as deep as the characters in ME/ME2.

Dude the names alone is a big turn off.....Snow, vanilla, Lightning, hope WTF

So true, I can't even try to figure how much it would sell an RPG with Sasha Grey as main character and nudity always on!

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