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Includes minor swearing so it could be unsuitable for younger VGchartz members!


Hilarious video & she WON!

I know my grandma couldn't beat the boss! lol

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Please, that guy's a pushover anyway.

Put her in front of a Long Gui, THAT I would watch.

(She's still awesome though)

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On a related topic, My Fiancé is not a gamer by default, she didnt have any console, but she likes games,,,,, i showed her Uncharted and she fell in love,
Last month she finished Uncharted 1 !
And now she's playing Uncharted 2 !

Not only that, but now she's becoming very good at Street Fighter 4 !

MY Fiancé is NOW A TRUE GAMER ! Happy ME :)



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oh I should add this to the OP

it includes some minor swearing so it may not be suitable for younger audiences.



now give her games for her b'day too & secretely play em yourself

roflroflrofl j/k

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yeah thats Old Grandma Hardcore.  she pretty much plays Wii/Xbox/Ps3 games all day long and cusses constantly.  shes awesome.


Gosh, I remember when old people playing Wii was de facto proof that the Wii was only for, well, old people (and kids--never forget the kids) times change.

Innotech said:

yeah thats Old Grandma Hardcore.  she pretty much plays Wii/Xbox/Ps3 games all day long and cusses constantly.  shes awesome.


I thought that might be her. I read about her in EGM back around when Twilight Princess came out. She said she was having a "bitch of a time" playing through the game on GameCube.

i got 0 stars fighting this boss. LMAO!! thanatosian smile really f***** me up. (don't laugh at me please)

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that was a fairly hard boss at that point, actually I though of the times you fight him that was the hardest.

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