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My first thought is that the Wii already has DLC via VC and WiiWare. Also, some games, such as Mega Man 10 (and 9), has DLC as well. Even Mario Kart, a Nintendo game, had DLC in the form of the free tournaments.

However, it appears you are talking about DLC that is common on the 360 or PS3 (i.e., I pay 5 bucks and I get a new track, character, or level/map). In theory, I agree with you. I would gladly pay a few bucks for a new circuit in Mario Kart, or a new world in NSMBWii.

In practice, however, I think DLC has actually been bad for gamers. DLC is being used by companies to get more revenue, and it appears that some companies hold back content so that they can charge for it later (Capcom is particularly bad at this).

I fear that if Nintendo follows this path, then they will start releasing games with less content. Take NSMBW as an example. That game has a ton of content. 8 normal worlds, 1 special world, a 2-4 player co-op mode in the main game, and two vs. modes (which contains another world's worth of courses just for the vs. mode). Now assume that Nintendo follows the DLC model: my game would only come with the 8 worlds. I now have to buy the co-op mode (which is perhaps the greatest thing about the game), the special world, and the 2 vs. modes separately and after I had already purchased the full game!

I think Nintendo currently has the right idea when it comes to DLC: it is either free or they don't do it. I actually like the way Nintendo does there DLC: every couple of weeks I can fire up Mario Kart and participate in a new tournament, or how the developer of Professor Layton does DLC by offering a FREE new puzzle every week. (Interstingly, this free DLC helps fight the used game market that many companies complain about-- but this DLC is available even to the used game buyers, as it should be).

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@Davey1983 I know what you saying its just that sometime I get mad when I finish a game like NSMW and I know that I will only get new levels when they release the second one or games like smash that only gets a release each generation when games like borderlands and fallout that I dont care about gets plenty content after

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Wii games already support some DLC (Samba de Amigo),its just that nobody uses it.

Nintendo only makes complete games, so I would not expect them to adopt DLC in any of their first party titles. They probably might not make you pay extra for it either (MH3).

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Don't u have to pay extra money to play as Zero in those Mega Man games on the Wii? No thanks.

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God no, please, no. Just no.


No way.

why not? who wouldnt have Nintendo games has downloadable content? lol... Nintendo will do downloadable content eventually, they even said they will do downloadable content somewhere along the line

There's nothing wrong with downloadable content per se, just the way it's currently being handled by 90% of the industry.  Day-one DLC, content locked away on the disc so you can pay extra for it, $10 for a couple of new missions--this is not the way to do it.  With games like Guitar Hero it's ok, because those games are desinged around DLC, but I miss the days when you would buy a game and then later on for another $30 you would get an expansion pack with TONS of new content.  That's the way DLC should be, and until it starts being ytht way I hope Nintendo doesn't allow it.

like tks said


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THANKS!but no thanks

Mega Man 9, Mega Man 10, The Beatles Rock Band, WarioWare D.I.Y. Showcase, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, and some other stuff all have DLC. Mostly they only have DLC for WiiWare games, since buying a WiiWare game confirms that you have an internet connection. If you buy a disc at retail, there's a really good chance you don't even have your console connected to the internet.

But yeah... I don't miss it at all. I like complete games. Instead of buying a level pack for New SMB Wii, I'll buy Super Mario Galaxy 2. Win/win.

There are going to be user made level packs for NSMBWii. IIRC all you need is an SD card and the game disc. But no official DLC from Nintendo if that's what you're after.

One fan project is called 'Newer Super Mario Bros Wii'.

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If nintendo can they should stay away from downloadable content. I bought My life as a king and i figured the extra stuff to purchase was around 45 dollars. So the game plus the download content was around 60 dollars. There is no way that game is worth that. I only purchased the game and I hesitate now to purchase games that try to use downloadable content. Reason being when some games first comes out the game cost roughly 60-70 dollars. Then  there's downloadable content, from what i've seen some costs 5-10 dollars per download. So some games cost around 80-90 dollars, thats if i want everything for the game. I tend to wait for the Super Fantastic Deluxe Edition to come out later with everything on it for half the cost. Sure i don't play the game when it comes out but i have a lineup already to play so i'm in no rush. I did that with fallout 3 the downloadable content costs i believe 30 dollars. The regular game when it first came out was 60-70 dollars. I got the goty edition for 30 dollars with the downloadable content. Buying the regular game plus downloadble content the game costs 90 dollars. Thats too expensive for a game. You can get a few decent games for that price. I don't like downloadable content wish people wouldn't support it. If a  company can't fit everything on the first game then they should leave it out. One option would be for the people who supported the game when it first came out to have a discount code for the downloadable content. A limited time offer or something like that. A friend of mine was not impressed with a game he purchased when it first came out and all this download stuff came out later. Then a goty edition came out with all the download content on it. He felt why should the people who supported the game first be penalized for supporting it first. I guess all im saying is there should be some tweaking done with the download content. Just my thoughts.

If there's one thing no gaming system needs in my opinion, it's DLC. There's nothing wrong with DLC and actually I'm not against the general idea (after all no one forces me to buy the stuff), but I don't think any gaming system NEEDS DLC.

Complete downloadable games: hell yes, great thing. I like WiiWare, PSN, Steam and I'm sure I'd like XBL and DSiWare as well.
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Downloadable content: not my cup of tea. I may be in the minority, but I never cared about the DLC which is already available for the (PS3) games I own.