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Squares Golden era...

Square Soft 174 92.06%
Square Enix 15 7.94%

Square was the best they could be on the SNES. They dropped a little for the PS1. And after that, I couldn't really give a shit.

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tehsage said:
Square was the best they could be on the SNES. They dropped a little for the PS1. And after that, I couldn't really give a shit.

Actually on SNES, Enix was way better and more diversified than Square. On PS1 though, Square dominated the JRPG genre. 

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I can say Square-Enix beacuse of DQ and FF in one house

g-value said:
1998 >>>>>>>>> All (Xenogears FTW)

I don't think there will every be a jrpg developing company as amazing as Squaresoft was.

I remember growing believing that every game with a Squaresoft brand on it had to be AAA. Times have really changed.


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I question the sanity of anyone who chooses SE over SS. FFVI? Einhander? Parasite Eve? etc?

Not even close.

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SE has yet to produced anything remsembling the caliber of Chrono Trigger (hell, Super Mario RPG even).
SS>SE and will always be.

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dont forget VAGRANT STORY

I remember how excited I was when I heard my two favorite JRPG companies were combining. But the products of the combination are just inferior to the pre- SE era. Anyone play Dragon Warrior Monsters 2? Fantastic game, and the latest one (under SE), Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker, was not nearly as good. In fact it was like someone combined Super Mario 64 and DWM2. Didn't work.

So yeah, SquareSoft over SE. I mean, the first RPG I played on Playstation was by SquareSoft.

Squaresoft easily. This isn't even a question, 90s was where it was at for JRPG games. and squaresoft was leading the way.


Well since in my fav FF games list Square-soft has made all of em except for the 2nd best & the worst

I'd say the answer is square-soft

But I voted for square-enix in the poll, because I can.

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