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What system do you game the most with?

360 26 26.80%
ps3 44 45.36%
wii 18 18.56%
ds 5 5.15%
psp 3 3.09%
ipod touch 1 1.03%

PS3(currently MW2, Bayonetta and soon GOW3 however im seperated from my PS3 as Im at uni ATM).........DS(currently peggle and soon pokemon SS only console with me at uni)................360(again console not with me ATM but currently playing Forza 3 and soon BFBC2 i dont want to pay for live but will buy a month for BC2)...Wii(have NSMBwii but not played since xmas mum uses console for wii fit more than i do).....................................................................................PSP(not played since October but recently bough GT and Motorstorm)


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CaptainDJ said:
I use 360 For online Gaming, PS3 for Single player games, and PC For  other stuff  p0rn.


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NiKKoM said:
CaptainDJ said:
I use 360 For online Gaming, PS3 for Single player games, and PC For  other stuff  p0rn.

Shhh, no one needs to know. :D

DS first because of so many RPGs. Wii and 360 might be even because I have more 360 RPGs yet more Wii games overall.

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Are we doing this every week now?

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Sure. Because every time someone buys a new game for X console, it naturally becomes their most played console for the next week(s).

But I'm pretty sure that's not the point of these. So I'm guessing the point would be having another poll with clickable options.

On a typical day, I can't block out an hour or so to play games which means the iPhone sees the most game use, but not the most hours per week since virtually all of the games are like commercial breaks to play with while killing a few minutes here and there.

Sit down gaming time is about the same between PS3 and PC.

Currently a bit less with the PC since I set up a new boot drive on my workstation without any of my Steam games installed. If I want to game, I have to do it on my slower PC hooked up to the HDTV currently.

PS3 is the only console I use including all my PS2 games since mine has BC.

The Wii got the most playtime for the first 2 years or so, but the PlayStation 3 has gotten more playing time over the last year!

Easily Ds, I always have it, the DSiware games are good for short breaks between classes, Pokemon and Racing games are great for car rides*, and all the other touch screen heavy games I enjoy at home.

* Funny, I enjoy racing games much more when I'm riding in a car and playing

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360.......Just Finished Mass Effect2 and Assassins Creed2(with full achievements) recently

I havent touched my ps3 in months....that could change though since Im buying GOW3