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What system do you game the most with?

360 26 26.80%
ps3 44 45.36%
wii 18 18.56%
ds 5 5.15%
psp 3 3.09%
ipod touch 1 1.03%

Since Killzone 2 arrived, it's been the PS3, with the Wii in close second (Umbrella/Darkside Chronicles + Virtual Console can become addicting ).


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PC god damn your anti PC sentiments, So much negativity.

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I refuse to answer until PC is made and option, as my consoles get VERY little play time. Currently, the DS, if I was forced to choose, as I just bought Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and it's FREAKING AMAZING!!!

sony generation for me.
for the firs time :p


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Damn.. just one vote for ipod touch... yes it was me.. got a job, gf, friends, social life etc.. very little time to game so I spend a lot of time on my iPhone 3Gs when travelling for work.. way more then on my Wii, 360 or DS..


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Where's PC?! Why would you include ipod touch and not PC?!

I use 360 For online Gaming, PS3 for Single player games, and PC For other stuff.

Either my DS or Wii... dunno, really.

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Wii so far. I had the chance to buy it in 2009 so many great games were already out. I'm pretty busy with NSMB, Galaxy, Twilight Princess... then DS...

I don't own a PS3, but my dad will soon get one!