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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What system do you game the most with?


What system do you game the most with?

360 26 26.80%
ps3 44 45.36%
wii 18 18.56%
ds 5 5.15%
psp 3 3.09%
ipod touch 1 1.03%

360 for me because i have the most multiplats for it, then ps3, then psp, then wii, then ds hbu?

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PS2, then DS. When FF XIII arrives, PS3 will get the top spot.

PC then about equally with the rest. I like to game on awesome systems and nothing is as awesome as my gaming PC.

Do you know what its like to live on the far side of Uranus?

I think DS overall.

Then Wii
Then PS3
Then PSP.

Recently I've been playing my PS3 a lot, though.


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Why does everyone steal my idea?

OT: 360

or just click here for the final results.

Although I am a HUGE Nintendo fan, this generation I'd have to say it's the PS3 (so far).

PS3 then PC, PSP, my mates 360 (which I play a surprising amount but he has bad taste in games), PS1 disks on either my PS3 or PS2 coz I cba gettin the ole PS1 hooked up, I enjoy Guitar Hero more on the Wii (Don't ask why).
After that.....Gameboy Colour?

DS easily. Between older GBA games, actual DS games (of which outnumber the games on each my consoles) and the replay value of all the DS games, the DS wins hands down.

And its only going to continue to increase from here on out with the perticular games coming for it.  The only thing that might challenge the DS is Diablo III and Star Wars: The Old Republic.  But even then, that's only 2 games vs like....5 or 6 on the DS.

Six upcoming games you should look into:



Wii > 360 > DS > PS3 > Cube > PSP

Yes. I still use my great Cube!