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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Have you picked up the Monster Hunter Tri demo yet?

cant get one in the UK :(

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Interesting. Might have to go see on monday. Next time i'm going to be able to get to a gamestop anyway... going on research over the weekend.

I'd love to, but I'm moving and preparing for that.

Also my sister-in-law has the Wii to brush up for a Mario Kart tournament. Curses!

Thanks for the news, I'll stop by one and check to see if they will give it to me early. If not I can wait since I've made it this long ;)

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Nope waiting to till I go pick up Fragile, if I go in before that I will screw up my munnie plans.

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I'll pick it up on Monday, when I pick up Final Fantasy XIII!

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I went to get one today, and they said I have to pre-order the game. I didn't feel like arguing with him

I got it. I'm going to play it on my friend's Wii tomorrow. Hope its good.

First time playing a Monster Hunter game. Its good, but can be very difficult control wise and i hate that it does not have a lock on.

Right now 50/50 chance of getting it.