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they should merge.... in the whole of my adult life, i though merger was the only solution...

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Torillian said:
rccsetzer said:
Unfortunatelly they deserve it. Very cheap games, very low budget. Some games appear to be developed for a 16 bit system, seriously. IMO, world of gaming will be better.

aw come on, the guys make something great like Disgaea 3 and all people remember them for is crap like Cross Edge and Last Rebellion.  Not to mention they helped bring At Tonelico and Atelier Rorona to the states. 

That's the real problem of NIS that they make bunch of crappy games and only a few good ones. If all the stuff they had was Disgaea class they wouldn't be in such state today.


I'm still surprised that people are blaming the PS3, being that Last Rebellion bombed. Which is to be entirely expected for a bad game. It's not really different from how a lot of bad games have been doing lately. (and to add that Last Rebellion was never dubbed in Japanese!)

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In the age where information is so available, shitty games just do not do as well as they used to. Quality counts more than ever. Never thought I would say it, but EA has the right idea these days.

The problem is, many game makers do not know what the fans truly like about their games.

Silly investors. If they used VGChartz, they would have dumped their stocks a while ago.